are you ready to be a thought leader?

Do you want to become someone who can move and inspire others with innovative ideas, turn those ideas into reality, then create a dedicated group of friends, fans and followers to help you replicate and scale those ideas into sustainable change? This is the work of a thought leader. In this program, we'll explore what it takes to be a thought leader and why it matters and explore the behaviors and characteristics of successful thought leaders.

This experiential program will inspire you to:
  • Begin (or accelerate) your journey from leader to thought leader
  • Use thought leadership skills and behaviors to gain visibility for you, your team and your ideas across your company, community or an entire industry.
  • Create a plan to become more ‘discoverable’ this year.
  • Learn from the stories of other thought leaders what you can do to be more of a thought leader every day.

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7 strategies of influential leaders

Do you want to be someone whose voice is heard? Are you ready for a seat at the table? In this talk, we will explore seven strategies of influential leaders, with examples from many different industries, communities and areas of expertise. One part inspiration, one part strategy and three parts actionable ideas you can take away and put to work immediately.

Participants will learn to:

  • Cultivate the strategic relationships to expand the impact of their (or their team's) ideas.
  • Amplify their voice through unique as well as time-tested communication and convening strategies
  • Create a plan to become more influential this year - even if there are already too many things on their to do list

Program can be offered in a keynote or workshop session.

building trust: secrets of thought leading organizations

Thought leading organizations stand out in their industries and communities because they are willing to take a stand for ideas and shape a unique point of view. They are not afraid to lead a cause and use their clout and bully pulpit to forward ideas and values that matter to them. In this program, we'll explore what it takes to create a thought leading organization, why it matters and why this is needed, now more than ever.

In the session, we'll explore: 

  • Creating a Recognizable Point of View - How to explore and iterate new ideas to inform fresh perspectives, frameworks and future thinking.
  • Developing the Right Talent & Culture - Nurturing and incentivizing thought leadership skills and behaviors throughout the organization.
  • Building an Ecosystem - Engaging with followers, champions and other thought leaders to build trust, amplify shared messages and accelerate 

We'll also discuss the best practices of other thought leading organizations.

Program can be offered in a keynote or workshop session.

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