We've created two online classes: Becoming a Thought Leader, and Organizational Thought Leadership that are now available on LinkedIn. These intermediate-level courses are free to all Premium members of LinkedIn. 

Becoming a Thought Leader

This course includes 21 videos with over an hour of content and lots of downloadable worksheets. Learning objectives include:

* Identify the key difference between a leader and a thought leader.
* Recognize three qualities that define thought leaders.
* Understand the three elements that help define your thought leadership niche.
* Explore how to create a community around your ideas.
* Overcome any obstacles that might be in your way to becoming a thought leader.
* Learn how to find people to serve as your champions and allies.

Becoming a Thought Leader

Organizational Thought Leadership

In this 90 minute course, you'll learn:

* Why thought leadership matters for organizations of all sizes
* How to identify your niche and craft your point of view
* Why it matters to take a stand on key issues of the day
* How to develop your talking points
* How to identify and build the right skills throughout your organization
* How to create supportive cultural norms
* How to design your ideas for scale


Please let us know what you think and send along suggestions of what other online courses you'd like!


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Becoming a Thought Leader




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