What is a thought leader? From Post in the UK Business Reporter

Some people use the term “thought leader” as if all you have to do to earn that moniker is to start tweeting. This is hardly the case. Individuals with expertise, passion, and a track record of changing the world become thought leaders when they rise above themselves by sharing their knowledge so others can change the world too.

Many thought leaders start as leaders of an initiative, program, company or organization. In that role, they see the need for a change – a different future than would otherwise occur – not just in their workplace or community, but much more broadly. They feel a calling to bring about that change -- often regardless of the odds and despite any setbacks and challenges.

To bring about the future they envision, they may step into a broader role as a convener or participant in an advisory committee, task force, industry consortium or professional association. They may advocate for new legislation or modifications to existing regulations that impact an industry as a whole – not just that benefit their own company. Others take to a “bully pulpit” by writing op-eds, crafting white papers, etc. They argue for a fundamental re-thinking of an entire process - not just incremental change.

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