As you run from meeting to meeting and kid’s soccer game to community board meeting, do you ever feel like you’ve lost your ability to appreciate the now? Are you so focused on the never-ending to do list of life that you feel like your power switch is permanently stuck in the off position?

If so, here are a few techniques I recommend for thought leaders who want to get back on track.

1. Hire a “No Committee”

In 2002, when I had completely burned out after 10 years of running the non-profit I started, I took a 6-month sabbatical. Since I am terrible at saying no to people who ask me for help, I asked 5 of my friends to serve as my “No Committee”. Every time someone reached out to me with a great idea for how I could help them (serve on an advisory board, read a business plan, etc.), I asked these friends whether they thought it was a good idea that I take this on. If I got 4 out of 5 to say yes, then I could agree to the new opportunity. If not, I said no. In 6 months, to my immense relief, only 1 request passed muster with the “Committee”. Even after my sabbatical was over, and the “Committee” was officially disbanded, I occasionally invoked them in turning down an appeal for my time saying, “Sorry, my ‘No Committee’ will never agree to that.” People were often so busy asking about what a “No Committee” was, they failed to realize I had just turned down their request.

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