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Ready to Be a Thought Leader?


At Thought Leadership Lab, we work with individuals (executives, start-up CEOs, service professionals and social entrepreneurs) ready to develop a thought leadership plan and platform that will position them as the 'go to' person in their company, community or industry. We also consult with teams to accelerate the 'discoverability' of their project, product, service or idea by funders, clients, partners and customers.

While we don't have a one-size-fits-all model, here are the things we love to do and the many ways we can make a difference:
  • Brand Audit: Understand the Strengths & Weaknesses of Your Personal Brand 
  • Thought Leadership Intersection Point: Identify or Hone Your Niche & Platform
  • Visioning: Craft a Compelling Vision for Your Future That Includes Playing At the Right Level for Your Expertise & Know-How
  • Build Your Strategic Ecosystem: Identify and Align You with the Right Communities, Partners and Advocates Who Will Help You Achieve Your Goals
  • Messaging: Craft Updated Messaging/Branding For Your Website, LinkedIn, Bio, Social Media That Positions You Effectively
  • Discoverability: Identify Ways to Increase Your Visibility with the People Who Matter through Awards, Speaking, Writing or Strategic Leadership Roles
  • Presentations & Pitches: Development and Delivery for Elevator Speeches, Business Development Meetings, Important Interviews and Investor Pitches
  • Content Development: Strategize and Edit Blog Posts, White Papers and other Content That Positions You as a Thought Leader
  • Thought Partner: Strategize Your Key Initiatives, Share Best Practices from Others’ Success & Assure You Focus on High ROI Efforts
  • Scalability: Create a Tactical Plan to Scale Your Key Initiatives and Stay on Track
Possible Outcomes of Our Work Together:
  • THOUGHT LEADERSHIP ACTION PLAN: One to three year strategic plan
  • MESSAGE TEMPLATE: Preparation of your top three points and supporting data for important meetings, press or upcoming presentations
  • PERSONAL BRAND ASSESSMENT: Interviews with target customers, clients to determine what they value in working with people like you
  • STRATEGIC STAKEHOLDERS SPREADSHEET: Who do you need to connect with and how can we make that happen?
  • NICHE RESEARCH: Competitive and trends analysis and how to differentiate yourself from your competitors
  • CODIFY WHAT YOU KNOW: Build a framework, process or other intellectual property you can call your own
  • CONTENT PLAN: Determine target venues for guest blogs, interviews, webcasts or articles that will amplify your message
  • PRESS: Identify press outlets that will increase your credibility
  • BOARDS, AWARDS & NETWORKS: Identify those that will scale your visibility
  • METRICS: What does success look like and how will you know when you’ve arrived?

We can work with you individually or with your team in a consulting or a workshop framework. Contact us to learn more.


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