confidence: how do i get more of that?

What does it take to be more confident, even in new situations, high-stress settings or when we feel we may not have support? Is confidence something you're born with or is it a mindset we can shift? Are there some skills and behaviors we can learn to actually be more confident? In this experiential workshop, we'll explore the answers to these questions as well as share our tactics for building confidence, appearing confident (even when we're not) and what it takes to set ourself up for success no matter what situation we're walking into. We'll also explore the inner messages that may shake our confidence and how to find the inner wisdom to guide us on our way.

Program is best in a workshop session of about two hours and can be done for audiences of up to 600.


communicating for influence & impact

What are the secrets of communicating effectively? In this program, we step through a check-list of actions that help you prepare, present and prevail in any important communication - whether you are pitching a new idea, project or product. This interactive workshop includes hands-on practice creating an effective connection with those you meet, crafting a winning pitch that wins over others and amplifying the best attributes of colleagues, direct reports and even your boss. 

Program is best in a workshop session of about two hours and can be done for audiences of up to 600.

career life strategies

This program focuses on career planning and personal choices. It opens the door for participants to discuss what is really going on in their lives, set some personal goals and look at what might be holding them back. There is also considerable skill development throughout this one day program

Topics include:

• Importance of a personal “board of directors” – how to build it, who to include and the value of role models
• How to ask for what you want
• When and how to self-promote
• How to overcome objections – dealing with “NO”
• Setting priorities and objectives and strategies/best practices to achieve results
• Creating a personal brand – what it is and why it’s important
• How to hold yourself accountable and get unstuck

This program has been proven to be highly effective in increasing retention of high achieving employees. Topics can be customized for your company. 

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