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My expertise is in career advancement, leadership and thought leadership with a particular focus on strategies to increase your influence, expand your impact and leave a legacy that matters. I also advise executives and their teams on strategy and thought leadership.

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Denise Brosseau is a well-known keynote speaker and thought leadership consultant who enjoys speaking to and working with CEOs, senior executives, academics and social entrepreneurs who want to scale their impact and influence and become thought leaders in their niche. She has presented to tens of thousands of people worldwide, including for Fortune 500 companies like Roche, Abbott, Microsoft and KPMG and conferences like the Grace Hopper Conference for Women in Computing. She has also guest lectured at Wellesley, Berkeley, Princeton and Stanford's Graduate School of Business and presented for dozens of associations like the Association of California Nurse Leaders, Women in Consulting, CORO and the International Women's Forum.

Her high energy and interactive speaking style combined with her practical, actionable ideas and inspiration make her a crowd favorite. Her credentials, including an MBA from Stanford, and her background as the co-founder of Springboard, which has led to over $6.7B in funding for women entrepreneurs, give her the credibility to stand before any audience. Her career as a technology executive and a serial entrepreneur and her book, Ready to Be a Thought Leader?, give her a wide variety of content and actionable strategies to speak about. As the founder of a leadership conference, she also understands what it takes to make a great event and she promises a low-maintenance style and a customizable program that fits the needs of your audience.

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Take a look at Denise's programs below and contact us if you'd like to book a speaker who doesn't just engage on stage, but enrolls her participants in making positive steps to shift their day-to-day behaviors in ways that make a difference - for themselves, their companies and their communities. Keynotes, breakout, half-day and full-day programs are available. Note: Any topic can be adjusted based on the organizations’ needs and desires.

Are You Ready to Be a Thought Leader?

Do you want to become someone who can move and inspire others with innovative ideas, turn those ideas into reality, then create a dedicated group of friends, fans and followers to help you replicate and scale those ideas into sustainable change? This is the work of a thought leader. In this program, we'll explore what it takes to be a thought leader and why it matters and explore the behaviors and characteristics of successful thought leaders.

This experiential program will inspire you to:

  • Begin (or accelerate) your journey from leader to thought leader
  • Use thought leadership skills and behaviors to gain visibility for you, your team and your ideas across your company, community or an entire industry.
  • Create a plan to become more ‘discoverable’ this year.
  • Learn from the stories of other thought leaders what you can do to be more of a thought leader every day.

Click here to learn more. Download a PDF with more details.

7 Strategies of Influential Leaders

Do you want to be someone whose voice is heard? Are you ready for a seat at the table? In this talk, we will explore seven strategies of influential leaders, with examples from many different industries, communities and areas of expertise. One part inspiration, one part strategy and three parts actionable ideas you can take away and put to work immediately.

Participants will learn to:

  • Cultivate the strategic relationships to expand the impact of their (or their team's) ideas.
  • Amplify their voice through unique as well as time-tested communication and convening strategies
  • Create a plan to become more influential this year - even if there are already too many things on their to do list
Program can be offered in a keynote or workshop session.

Communicating for Influence & Impact

What are the secrets of communicating effectively? In this program, we step through a check-list of actions that help you prepare, present and prevail in any important communication - whether you are pitching a new idea, project or product. This interactive workshop includes hands-on practice creating an effective connection with those you meet, crafting a winning pitch that wins over others and amplifying the best attributes of colleagues, direct reports and even your boss. 

Program is best in a workshop session of about two hours and can be done for audiences of up to 600.

Negotiating Your Way to a Win

There are innumerable books that aim to teach negotiation but we've found that real adult learning tends to happen better in person. What does it take to really stand up for yourself? What can you do to prepare for that all-important discussion with your manager or your board? Why should you build external allies before you walk in the door? How do you think through the win-win so that you both walk away satisfied? How do you offset your hot buttons and learn to listen for the flexibility in your negotiation partner's position? What are the best follow-up strategies? All these topics and more are covered in this session.

This program is best in a two hour or half-day workshop setting, with a chance for some role-play and a lot of time for discussing what it takes to overcome what holds us back for asking for what we want and need to be successful and happy at work.

Networking IS Working

Networking IS Working is an interactive keynote or workshop session that focuses on building connections between attendees, expanding their leadership toolkit and engaging and empowering them to create, effectively utilize and regularly maintain their internal and external network.

The objective of the program is to provide participants:
• A chance to connect – expanding their sphere of influence beyond those they interact with today to include those who might serve as resources, advisors, mentors, coaches and sponsors in the years ahead.
• A chance to develop – learning networking and follow-up strategies they can integrate into their day-to-day actions and priorities in order to increase their visibility, credibility and effectiveness.
• A clear leadership framework – defining the three pillars of leadership and how a strong network can enhance leadership success.
• Clarity around the necessary accountability structures that keep networks alive and valuable well beyond the program.

Interactive exercises could include:
• Guidance and a framework for clarifying an ‘elevator speech’ they can use during networking events.
• An improv exercise that reinforces the power of amplifying other's ideas in building your connections.

Program can be offered in a keynote or workshop session and works best when followed by a facilitated networking session.

Career Life Strategies

This program focuses on career planning and personal choices. It opens the door for participants to discuss what is really going on in their lives, set some personal goals and look at what might be holding them back. There is also considerable skill development throughout this one day program

Topics include:

• Importance of a personal “board of directors” – how to build it, who to include and the value of role models
• How to ask for what you want
• When and how to self-promote
• How to overcome objections – dealing with “NO”
• Setting priorities and objectives and strategies/best practices to achieve results
• Creating a personal brand – what it is and why it’s important
• How to hold yourself accountable and get unstuck

This program has been proven to be highly effective in increasing retention of high achieving employees. Topics can be customized for your company. 

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Recent Testimonials

"Denise is a knowledgeable and dynamic speaker...She attracted a standing-room only crowd."

- Patricia McFarland, MS, RN, FAAN
CEO, Association of California Nurse Leaders 

 "Denise delivers a captivating presentation...She has an exceptional ability for engaging her audience and focusing them on immediate actions they can take..."

- Mona Sabet
Corporate VP, Cadence Design Systems and Co-Founder, Women in Licensing, WiLPower program

"...Your talk was probably one of the most useful talks on women in leadership I've ever heard."

- Nancy Hua
CEO, Apptimize

"I learned so much that I did not know before, thought of things I did know in a new and enlightening way, and left feeling more empowered than I have in a very long time."

- Lucia Mokres, DVM
Senior Clinical Scientist,  Abbott Vascular

"Denise has a gift for connecting with people, even when she can’t see them!"

- Elizabeth Mason
Intel Corporation

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