The world is full of amazing entrepreneurs, executives, civic leaders and academics who are using thought leadership strategies to spread the word about their ideas. Here are some of those we admire.

Robin Chase, Founder of Zipcar and Transportation Innovator

Robin is one of those people with big ideas that see the world as it will evolve, long before the rest of us do. She has now founded three companies, has advised some of the world's largest companies and she is also on the Board of the World Resources Institute, the National Advisory Council for Innovation & Entrepreneurship for the US Department of Commerce, and the OECD’s International Transport Forum Advisory Board. If that is all not enough, she is also a totally nice person and has a famous daughter to boot (see below).

Denise Brosseau recently interviewed Robin at Stanford University. Watch the video here.


Robin Chase on YouTube: How to Find New Ideas
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Robin's daughter, Cameron Russell gives a TED Talk on fashion models.

Chip Conley, Author and Founder Joie de Vivre Hotels

Chip Conley founded Joie de Vivre Hospitality when he was 26 years old and grew it from one hotel into the second largest boutique hotel company in America. He survived not one but two "once in a lifetime" downturns between 2000 and 2010 (the dot com crash and September 11th as well as the deep recession and fiscal crises of 2008). Yet, Market Metrix still awarded the company the #1 Customer Satisfaction Award in the U.S. in 2010, beating out Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, Sheraton, Westin, and Kimpton. Along the way, Conley codified his lessons learned in four books, and has given hundreds of talks around the world sharing his ideas and leadership know-how.

Chip Conley gives a TEDTalk: Measuring What Makes Life Worthwhile
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Miki Agrawalserial entrepreneur and author

At 25 years old, Miki and her twin sister Radha (see below) founded Wild, an alternative, farm-to-table pizzeria, which Miki built into a successful chain of restaurants without prior restaurant or business management background. Miki and Radha opened their third WILD location in Downtown Las Vegas with CEO, Tony Hsieh. During the launch of Wild, Miki became a spokesperson for organic and healthy food and sustainable farming. She began speaking and writing and connecting with high school kids and other young entrepreneurs about her journey. Miki's book “DO COOL SH*T”, a Harper Collins was released in August. She is also a co-Founder and partner with Radha in THINX,  empowering women around the world and Tushy, a modern bidet company. Miki is hard at work on her next book.

Radha Agrawal, founder and CEO of Super Sprowtz

Radha is a former analyst turned advertising and television producer turned restaurateur. She found her calling when she noticed that kids in her restaurant Wild (see above) were not ordering any pizza with vegetables. She did some research and discovered that no one was talking to kids about nutrition in a way they understood. She started writing children’s books, and then produced 25 videos – music videos, cooking videos, adventure videos, spoofs – taking all the tools she had learned in advertising and TV production and applying it to nutrition education for children. They then developed apps, put out a website and launched Super Sprowtz officially in 2011. Radha tied her efforts to those of Michelle Obama and together they  filmed a series of PSAs in the White House garden and kitchen to combat childhood obesity. She is also a co-Founder and partner with Miki in THINX, empowering women around the world and CEO of Daybreaker, an early morning dance movement in 17 cities around the world with over 350,000 community members and growing rapidly.

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