Favorite Books

Here are a few of the books I recommend:

The first rule for any thought leader is that you have to build friends, fans and followers for your ideas. Sam Horn's book, Got Your Attention?, will teach you how to write and speak more clearly and effectively and gain others attention whether you are pitching a business, book, project or new vision for your community. Not only that, it is a fun read with tons of great ideas you can put to work immediately. Order here.

Thought leaders begin as change agents, pushing forward new ideas and gaining adoption for them. In Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard, Dan & Chip Heath have written an easy-to-follow guide for how to overcoming objections
by appealing to both the rational mind and the emotional mind. Chock full of great examples, this book will inspire you to keep going and offer you a blueprint for how to move forward. Order here

Mary LoVerde's book, The Invitation: When You're Ready to Take the Next Step, is exactly the book you need to get back on track, stay on track and keep going. Whether you are feeling stuck, facing roadblocks or burned out, Mary offers a set of simple steps that will allow you to easily and effortlessly find your way. This book helped me clear the path from my first book to my second and have fun along the way. Order here.

Sarah Miller Caldicott's book, Midnight Lunch: The 4 Phases of Team Collaboration Success from Thomas Edison's Lab, may have an unexpected name but I believe it will offer you lots of great ideas for how to bring teams along on your thought leadership journey. After all, effective change is really about teamwork and collaboration so why not learn from the master at both, Thomas Edison? Order here.

If you are ready to take your next step as a thought leader, you'll find an easy-to-follow 7-step blueprint in my book Ready to Be a Thought Leader?Order today at Amazon.

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