Driver: Motivated to share their knowledge, research and lessons learned.

Behaviors and Characteristics:
  • Curious, always have a learning mind.
  • Willing to dig deeply into one arena and know it fully.
  • Often able to ‘uncomplexify’ difficult information.
  • Have multiple graduate degrees or are deeply learned in their field of expertise.
  • Enjoy cataloging and categorizing information.
  • To create a dialogue rather than a one-way sharing of expertise.
  • To open their mind to possibilities that fall outside what they ‘know’ to be true.
  • To translate their learning into ‘what’s in it for them’ language and stories.
Greatest Fear:
  • They will not have the facts at their fingertips when they need them, or they may have their facts wrong.
Must Avoid:
  • Must overcome a tendency to default to ‘sage from the stage’ or a professorial mode of communication.
Call to Action:
  • Let me teach you how.
Example Intellect Thought Leaders:
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