Driver: Motivated to create connections between people with the goal of finding and shaping the best solutions for all.

Behaviors and Characteristics:

  • Value working together and creating shared solutions.
  • Highly valued for their connections; belong to a wide variety of communities and networks.
  • Get along with many different types of people and see the advantages that everyone can bring to the table.
  • Most effective when they convene others around a broader cause or purpose.
  • To have everyone get along, as this is rarely possible.
  • To try to please and include everyone, since this may please no one.
  • To spend a lot of time and energy creating community which others may not value in the same way.
Greatest Fear:
  • The breakdown or disintegration of what they’ve created.
Must avoid:
  • Creating a cult of personality instead of a true, shared community.
Call to action:
  • We’re all in this together.
Example Collaborator Thought Leaders:
  • Mary Hughes, founder, Women 2012 Project (See Chapter 3 of Ready to Be a Thought Leader?)
  • Molly Barker, founder, Girls on the Run, international organization empowering young girls
  • Nelson Mandela, anti-apartheid activist, after he became President of S. Africa
  • Former President Jimmy Carter, founder, Carter Center, humanitarian
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