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Thought leaders must regularly develop their expertise in a variety of arenas. This month, we're focused on Storytelling.

The people who join your ‘tribe’ want to identify and connect with you. The more clearly you can tell a story, the more likely you are to build a loyal tribe. Sadly, few are born with the gift of storytelling – the rest of us have to work to develop it. Here are some resources that we recommend.

Improve Your Ability to Tell Stories

• Watch TED Talks – to see how others present their ideas. A few of our favorites include Simon Sinek, How to Start a Movement, Brene Brown, The Power of Vulnerability, Seth Godin, How to Get your Ideas to Spread.

• Learn how to tell a great story in a slide presentation. Here are some books we like, Resonate and Slide:ology books by Nancy Duarte.

Learn Prezi so that when you create a presentation about your thought leadership ideas, people are actually engaged.

• Hire someone to create a cool Prezi for you. Here are some talented folks we recommend - my friends at Alimat, Inc.

• Learn how to make your ideas catch on. Read Pop! Stand Out in Any Crowd by Sam Horn.

• Want to get great advice from speakers on how to be a better speaker? Subscribe to SpeakerNetNews.

• Hire a speech coach recommended by people you know and respect. Here are a few we like: Arina Isaacson, Dan Sapp and Lou Heckler. Also, check out the great videos on improving your speaking at K. C. Baker

Learn storytelling from the best in the business absolutely free. Pixar and Khan Academy are teaming up to offer a free online storytelling course

More resources are here.

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Denise Brosseau shares "How to Become a Thought Leader" as part of the Stanford Business School educational video series.


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